Where To Buy A Mattress

If your mattress is past its lifespan and doing your body more harm than good, you might be in the market for a new one.  Perhaps you have an idea of what you’re looking for with your purchase—in terms of price, mattress features, sleep trial period, warranty option, delivery and returns—but are having a hard … Read more

Best Hybrid Mattress Of 2022

Hybrid mattresses may allow you to enjoy the comfort, coziness and contour of foam while providing you with the support, ventilation and bounce from the innerspring system. With many options to choose from, it might feel overwhelming to shop for the right hybrid mattress. While these mattresses may share similar characteristics and benefits, they also … Read more

MyPillow Mattress Review

Perhaps you’ve come across the MyPillow mattress while looking into budget-friendly bedding, but maybe you’re only familiar with the company’s pillows. While the company is most well known for its pillows, it also sells mattresses, bed frames, pajamas and other sleep and household items. But is MyPillow’s mattress the right one for you? Let’s find … Read more

Best Mattresses For Stomach Sleepers Of 2022

Research suggests stomach sleeping  can aggravate body pains, contribute to wrinkles and increase the heart’s workload at night, all of which are reasons why many experts don’t recommend this sleeping position. However, if you’re a stomach sleeper, you probably find it comfortable when it comes to falling asleep and staying asleep—and your comfort is worth … Read more

Serta Mattress Review

If you’ve ever used an uncomfortable mattress, you probably know that sleeping on one can make you feel restless all through the night, limiting how much restorative sleep you get.  Choosing the right mattress might feel overwhelming, considering there are many options on the market, and the standard mattress should support your sleep needs for … Read more

Amerisleep Mattress Review

Amerisleep is a mattress brand that directly serves thousands of consumers with high-performance, eco-friendly and U.S.-made mattresses, according to the company. Amerisleep may have come up in your search for a new mattress, but is it worth considering? Here’s what you need to know about this mattress brand, including its offerings and what users and … Read more

Casper vs. Tuft And Needle Mattresses

With the advent of mattress-in-a-box brands, shopping for a mattress has never been so seamless and stress-free. Direct-to-consumer mattress brands leverage technology to create a range of mattresses suitable for each person’s body needs, sleeping habits and circumstances.  If you’re looking for a quality and comfortable mattress, you may have come across Casper and Tuft … Read more

Best Cooling Mattresses For Hot Sleepers Of 2022

We spend about one-third of our lives sleeping or trying to sleep, and for good reason too—sleep is an indispensable activity that helps the body recharge, refresh and repair itself.  However, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than one out of three U.S. adults doesn’t get enough sleep. If you’re … Read more

Best Organic, Non-Toxic Mattresses Of 2022

Many mattresses claim to be “organic” or “natural,” but what do those buzzwords mean exactly? Different certification seals represent achievement of different standards—for example, in order for a mattress to have a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) organic seal, it must consist of at least 95% organic materials.  While many mattresses don’t bear that seal, … Read more

Avocado Mattress Review

Founded in 2016, the Avocado mattress company has one of the largest selections of certified-organic mattresses in the U.S., with up to 13 environmental certifications to its name. As eco-friendly mattresses grow increasingly popular and available, health- and sustainability-conscious individuals can enjoy more restful nights knowing the bed they sleep on is both non-toxic certified … Read more