Best Cooling Mattresses For Hot Sleepers Of 2022

We spend about one-third of our lives sleeping or trying to sleep, and for good reason too—sleep is an indispensable activity that helps the body recharge, refresh and repair itself.  However, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than one out of three U.S. adults doesn’t get enough sleep. If you’re a hot sleeper, you may identify with this experience, spending nights endlessly tossing and turning or kicking off your covers, as research shows sleeping hot may make falling and staying asleep challenging.

Investing in a cooling mattress that regulates heat and keeps you cool and comfortable is one of the best things you can do to upgrade your sleep experience and improve your sleep health.

To highlight the best cooling mattresses on the market, the Dream Advisor editorial team analyzed hundreds of mattresses across an array of metrics, ranging from cost to construction to accreditation. Here are our top picks (note: the mattresses below are all queen models, and prices and availability are subject to change). 

Best Cooling Mattresses for Hot Sleepers of 2022

Dreamfoam Arctic Dreams Cooling Gel Hybrid Mattress

Price: $749 | Type: Hybrid | Firmness: Medium | Warranty: 10 years | Sleep trial: 120 nights


Serta Serene Sky Mattress

Price: $599 | Type: Hybrid | Firmness: Plush | Warranty: 10 years | Sleep trial: 120 nights |


Dreamfoam Chill Memory Foam

Price: $524 | Type: Foam | Firmness: Varies based on model
| Warranty: 10 years | Sleep trial: 120 nights |


Bear Original

Price: $998 | Type: Foam | Firmness: Medium-firm | Warranty: Lifetime warranty | Sleep trial: 365 nights |


Cocoon By Sealy Chill Memory Foam Mattress

Price: $1,239 | Type: Foam | Firmness: Medium | Warranty: 10 years | Sleep Trial: 100 nights


Arviso Wayfair Sleep 10” Medium Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Price: $394 | Type: Foam | Firmness: Medium | Warranty: 10 years | Sleep trial: 100 nights |


Wayfair Sleep 10” Plush Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Price: $369 | Type: Foam | Firmness: Plush | Warranty: 10 years | Sleep trial: 100 nights |


Lucid 10 Inch Firm Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Price: $349.99 | Type: Foam | Firmness: Firm | Warranty: 10 years | Sleep trial: 30 nights |


Sweet Night Whisper Flippable and Double-Sided Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Price: $505 | Type: Foam | Firmness: Varies | Warranty: 10 years | Sleep trial: 100 nights |


Sweet Night Breeze Cooling Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress

Price: $536 | Type: Foam | Firmness: Medium-soft | Warranty: 10 years | Sleep trial: 100 nights |

What Helps Keep a Mattress Cool?

Cooling mattresses are usually built with breathable fabrics, foam layers and other cooling technologies. These materials may regulate body temperature, absorb and dissipate heat, provide cooling relief and deliver other comfort-promoting functions that help hot sleepers have restful nights. 

Traditional foams are known to contour the body and deliver a cozy embrace because they’re relatively light and soft. This design allows the body to sink into it easily. However, these foams tend to trap body heat within the embrace, with no room for heat transfer.

Hence, considering foam mattresses designed with cooling technologies allows you to enjoy the contour benefits of the foam, without sacrificing cooling relief. 

Here are some features you may find in a mattress that might keep it cool:

Gel-Infused Foam

Some cooling mattress manufacturers infuse a cooling gel in the memory foam to help transfer heat away from its surface, keeping it cool.  


Hybrid model cooling mattresses usually come with an individually encased spring system that promotes airflow within the bed and makes it well-ventilated for the sleeper. 

Consider also looking for an innerspring mattress if you want a breathable mattress that supports air circulation while providing relief for pressure points, ergonomic support and cushioning.

Phase-Change Material 

Mattresses with phase-change materials—substances that absorb or release heat when they go through a change in their physical state—may help regulate surface heat and provide cooling relief. 

A 2017 study suggests that phase-change materials in mattresses may reduce the rise in skin temperature and draw heat away from the body. 

Latex Foam

Eco-friendly mattresses made of natural latex are breathable and promote airflow that may keep you cool at night. Consider getting a latex foam if you’re looking for a durable and responsive mattress that supports different sleeping postures, evenly distributes body weight, resists heat and delivers coolness.

Open-Cell  Foam 

As its name suggests, open-cell foam is a foam with open cells that makes it breathable, soft and bouncy. These foam types are often made from polyurethane, which absorbs heat and regulates surface temperature.

How to Choose a Mattress If You Sleep Hot 

Getting a cooling mattress that delivers a calm and relaxing sleep experience is always a valuable investment if you’re a hot sleeper.

However, there are certain factors you should consider before getting a cooling mattress, including: 

  • Your budget: If you have a smaller budget, consider purchasing a cost-effective mattress that prioritizes cooling over other features.
  • Sleeping posture: When searching for the right mattress, look at the firmness level, responsiveness and sturdiness of the mattress to know if it aligns with your sleeping posture.
  • Sleeping behavior: For example, if you are a restless sleeper, look for a mattress that absorbs sound and has excellent edge support, so your body movement doesn’t interrupt your sleep, and you don’t roll off the bed.  
  • Health condition: If you’re prone to allergies, consider getting a cooling mattress made with hypoallergenic materials. Or maybe you experience back, hip, or shoulder pains; consider getting a bed that prioritizes ergonomic relief.