Casper vs. Purple Comparison

While the right mattress doesn’t guarantee a good night’s sleep, it’s certainly a great place to start. At least one out of every three U.S. adults falls short of the recommended seven or more hours of sleep per night, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

Taking charge of your sleep is important, and your mattress is the foundation of a restful night. Both Casper and Purple—two popular direct-to-consumer mattress retailers—claim to have designed mattresses that give a wide variety of sleepers a better night’s rest. Read on to learn how these brands compare—and which of their mattresses might be right for you.

Casper vs. Purple

Type of mattressesMemory foam mattresses and spring-foam hybridsGelFlex grid mattresses (include foam) and spring-grid hybrids
Models(least to most expensive)Four mattress designs include: Element, Original, Nova, Wave (each have multiple variants)Two grid/foam models: Purple,
Purple Plus
Three hybrids: Hybrid, Premier 3, Premier 4
Price range$495-$3,495$799-$6,398
SizesAll models available in six sizes: twin, twin-XL, full, queen, king and California king 
10-inch to 13-inch height range
Grid/foam models available in seven sizes: twin, twin-XL, full, queen, king, California king and split king 

Hybrids available in sizes twin-XL through split king 
9.25-inch to 13-inch height range
Trial and warranty100-day trial and 10 year limited warranty for all mattresses100-day trial and 10 year limited warranty for all mattresses

What Is Casper?  

Casper offers memory foam mattresses direct-to-consumer and has helped popularize the idea of buying a mattress you can fit in a box. Like Purple, its mattresses are designed to accommodate nearly every type of sleeper, including back and side sleepers. Casper’s hybrid mattresses combine the benefits of memory foam with the more familiar feel and bounce of traditional mattresses.

Consumers often look to Casper for an easy buying experience and affordable quality. While most Casper products are sold online, a handful of Casper showrooms exist across New York (where the company is headquartered), Massachusetts, Florida and California. Casper products are now available through other retailers, too.

What Types of Mattresses Does Casper Offer?

Casper’s mattress selection is categorized into four designs: Original, Element, Nova and Wave. The Original mattress remains Casper’s most popular design and is made in both all-foam and hybrid varieties. Its Element mattress—the most basic and affordable design—is made exclusively of all-foam. The Nova and Wave both offer hybrid designs and represent a more luxurious end to the mattress offering spectrum. Each of these two premium designs are also available in a “snow” model, which incorporates extra cooling technology in the topmost layers.

What Sizes Does Casper Offer?

Casper offers all of its designs in the six most common bed sizes—twin to California king. Its thinnest mattress is the Element, which offers a height of only 10 inches, while its most plush is the Wave, which reaches 13 inches.

What Pricing Does Casper Offer?

When it comes to affordable pricing, Casper’s twin size Element mattress is advertised at only $495. Casper’s flagship all-foam mattress, the Original, costs $1,295 for a queen size, while its flagship hybrid offering, the Original Hybrid, costs $1,695 for a queen. It’s most premium option, the Wave Hybrid Snow, costs $3,395 in the queen size.

Casper offers a financing option through Affirm and advertises rates as low as $61 per month, with a 0% introductory APR for 12 months to be followed by a standard APR. Customers interested in this option simply select Affirm at checkout. 

What Warranty Options Does Casper Offer?

Casper offers a 10-year limited warranty for all mattresses, as well as a risk-free 100-day trial period.

What Is Purple? 

Purple is another relatively new bed-in-a-box brand known for a distinctive grid construction. The proprietary, purple-hued GelFlex material has become the company’s iconic technology. Purple designs its mattresses to work well for all types of sleepers, including side and stomach sleepers who want softness without sacrificing support. The company’s hybrid mattresses are ideal for sleepers who benefit from the familiar feel and bounce of traditional mattresses, but want something more form-fitting.

While Purple is known for its strong online sales, it is increasingly also using brick-and-mortar retailers like Mattress Firm and Macy’s to reach customers.

What Types of Mattresses Does Purple Offer? 

Purple offers two models, the Purple Mattress and the slightly more plush Purple Plus. Both rely solely on GelFlex grid and foam (comparable to all-foam mattresses). The Purple Hybrid incorporates stainless steel support coils, while the more premium Hybrid Premier 3 and 4 mattresses are Purple’s softest, most luxurious and most expensive offerings. Purple also offers a kid-specific mattress in a twin size and is designed for lighter-weight sleepers.  

What Sizes Does Purple Offer?

The Purple and Purple Plus mattresses come in seven sizes, ranging from twin to split king. Purple’s three hybrid models include almost all sizes up to split king, too, but some omit twin sizes. 

What Pricing Does Purple Offer?

Purple’s standard grid/foam mattress, the Purple Mattress, costs $1,399 in the queen size, while its standard hybrid offering, the Purple Hybrid Mattress, costs $2,399 in the queen size. The Purple Hybrid Premier 4, the company’s most premium option, costs $3,799 in the queen size.

Purple offers a financing option with a 0% introductory APR to be followed by a standard APR for qualified customers.

What Warranty Options Does Purple Offer?

Like Casper, Purple offers a 10-year limited warranty for all mattresses, as well as a risk-free 100-day trial period.

Casper vs. Purple: Which Is Better for You?  

There are both benefits and downsides to Casper and Purple mattresses, but ultimately, the right fit for you will come down to personal preference. 

Casper pros and cons to consider include:

  • Affordable prices
  • Extra cooling options are available for purchase
  • Ideal for handling motion transfer between sleeping partners
  • Does not offer split king size option

Purple pros and cons to consider include:

  • Innovative and unique GelFlex grid material
  • Durable material makeup
  • Options for kid-sized mattress
  • Does not offer standard twin size hybrid offerings