Purple Mattress: Review

About Purple

Founded by two brothers Tony and Terry Pearce, Purple was introduced to the mattress market in 2016. The company’s mattresses are known for their innovative GelFlex Grid, a stretchy material designed to specifically cradle your pressure points, according to the company. The grid features over 1,400 ventilation chambers to increase airflow, and maintains a neutral temperature. 

Purple ships direct to consumers, but their mattresses can also be found at major retailers across the U.S. including Bed, Bath and Beyond, Bloomingdale’s, Furniture Row, Mattress Firm, Raymour & Flanigan, Rooms To Go and more. 

Purple At a Glance

Creating an optimal sleep environment is a great first step to sleeping better, which is why finding the right mattress is important to many people — especially for those that deal with issues like back pain or a restless partner. Mattresses have come a long way in recent years, with one relative newcomer, Purple, being one such option.

Here, we take a look at the popular Purple Mattress, examining pros, cons, pricing and more.

  • Purple offers mattresses specifically designed for kids, with an option for kids under 14.
  • Its grid is unique technology that helps keep you cool.
  • Purple’s prices are more affordable compared to many other mattress brands.
  • Its polymer grid could take some getting used to, and may not be comfortable for everyone.
  • While Purple does offer relatively affordable mattresses, their hybrid mattresses are on the expensive side, with prices starting at around $1,600 for a full.

Purple Mattress Options and Prices

Most of Purple’s mattresses are available in seven sizes (aside from the kids mattresses), and feature Purple’s signature grid. It offers three main collections: Purple, Purple Hybrid and Purple Hybrid Premier. 

Note that all prices referenced are subject to change. 


Starts at around $699

The Purple mattress original collection includes its softest mattresses, the Purple mattress and Purple Plus, both made with premium foam. These mattresses feature three layers of cushioning foam, as well as two inches of Purple’s signature GelFlex Grid, which aims to hit pressure points like hips and shoulders and keep your body aligned while you sleep. Meanwhile, its extra layer of foam aims to give the sleeper extra cushioning, responsiveness and breathability. 

Purple Hybrid 

Starts at around $1,699

The Purple Hybrid boasts a slightly firmer feel, according to the company, and along with the two-inch GelFlex Grid, features a stainless steel coil base, which increases durability and airflow. Thin layers of foam are also featured for added comfort and structure. The mattress cover on the Hybrid also has breathable side panels. 

Purple Hybrid Premier

Starts at around $2,299

The Purple Hybrid Premier Mattresses offer the thickest layer of GelFlex Grid, providing the most pressure relief, and come in a 3-inch and 4-inch option. They’re geared toward sleepers who switch their sleep positions, according to the company. Like the Hybrid, this mattress features coils along with thin layers of foam. 

Customization Options and Special Features

Purple mattresses are available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king and split king, depending on the model. Additionally, a kid’s mattress is available, featuring a softer design made specifically for children ages 14 and under.

There’s also a mattress designed for growing teens (adults can sleep on it too), featuring cool, no-pressure support. 

Apps and Accessories 

Some accessories available from Purple include:  

  • Purple pillows: Available in five different models, Purple pillows include GelFlex pillows (Purple Harmony Pillow, Purple Pillow and Kid Purple Pillow) and down alternative pillows (Purple TwinCloud Pillow and Purple Cloud Pillow). Additionally, Purple sells pillow “boosters” for $10, which help you achieve your ideal pillow height. 
  • Purple seat cushions: These aim to relieve pressure, prevent overheating, and provide comfort using the same Purple grid found in the mattresses. Purple seat cushions are available in seven models. 
  • Purple bed frames: The company offers three different bed frames, including the Ascent Adjustable Base, the Purple Bed Frame and the Platform Bed Frame. 
  • Purple pet bed: Looking for a comfortable spot for your pet? Purple offers three sizes of pet beds (small, medium and large) that use one inch of Purple’s grid. These pet beds are also odor-neutralizing and durable. 

Warranties and Discounts

Many of the mattresses on the Purple mattress site are often discounted, so be sure to check back frequently. Purple mattresses also come with a 10-year warranty (although this warranty does not cover mattresses that are sold via resale, whether new or used). Additionally, Purple offers a 100-night free trial of its mattresses. 

What Sleep Experts Say 

Alon Avidan, a neurologist and director at UCLA Sleep Disorders Center in Los Angeles, is hesitant to suggest any specific mattress for better sleep due to lack of conclusive data, but he is impressed with the gel technology Purple uses.

“When you’re using a gel, it draws heat away from the body,” he explains, noting that for people who tend to run hot while they sleep or struggle with insomnia, gel technology can be an easy way to keep cool, whether through the mattress or a pillow made with gel. 

What Users Say

Purple currently has a 3.92 out of 5 average star rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB), based on 298 reviews. Overall, reviewers say they are satisfied with their Purple mattress, specifically with its comfort and the customer service provided, however a few complained about long shipping times. 

“I had the opportunity to sleep on a Purple mattress at my son’s house recently while we were house sitting and I couldn’t believe the improved quality of my sleep and the reduction in the pain in my hips and lower back,” one reviewer, who identifies themselves as “Happy Purple Owner,” writes. “I was also impressed with how cool this mattress was to sleep on. I didn’t detect my husband’s movements during the night either. When we returned home we immediately ordered a Purple Hybrid and we are now enjoying the comforts and advantages of our own Purple mattress.” 

Another user noted that, after noticing a defect in their first mattress, Purple sent them a new one in even better condition. “This is customer service that you don’t see very often and I am completely and totally impressed. Purple company and mattress —the best!” they wrote.

However, one customer complained of shipping times, claiming they were the “worst shipping times ever,” after having to sleep on their floor for 20 days due to length of delivery.

Who Should Purchase a Purple Mattress?

The Purple mattress is a great fit for anyone who wants a high quality mattress that doesn’t cost a fortune. Users and doctors agree that the Purple mattress will likely keep you cool while you sleep, reduce body aches and pains and help you sleep better overall.