Best Mattress For Heavy People

Some mattresses are specifically designed for plus-size sleepers. From construction to firmness level, there are plenty of features to make a mattress more comfortable. Of course, not every mattress is made the same, which is why we rounded up the best mattresses for plus-sized individuals. We looked for mattresses that are supportive, avoid overheating, don’t … Read more

Best Mattresses For Side Sleepers With Shoulder Pain

We all look forward to going to bed after a long day, but resting easy might be a little harder for side sleepers with shoulder pain. If you sleep on your side and have shoulder pain, you likely experience pain and discomfort or toss and turn as you sleep.  Switching sleep positions doesn’t always feel natural, … Read more

Simmons Mattress Review

Simmons mattresses are omnipresent in the mattress market, and is the parent company of other big brands like Serta, Beautyrest and Tuft & Needle. However, this vast array of options can put buyers in a tough position; if you’re interested in a Simmons mattress, then where should you even begin? Ahead, we examine the mattresses … Read more

Costco Mattress Reviews

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Where To Buy A Mattress

If your mattress is past its lifespan and doing your body more harm than good, you might be in the market for a new one.  Perhaps you have an idea of what you’re looking for with your purchase—in terms of price, mattress features, sleep trial period, warranty option, delivery and returns—but are having a hard … Read more

Best Hybrid Mattress Of 2022

Hybrid mattresses may allow you to enjoy the comfort, coziness and contour of foam while providing you with the support, ventilation and bounce from the innerspring system. With many options to choose from, it might feel overwhelming to shop for the right hybrid mattress. While these mattresses may share similar characteristics and benefits, they also … Read more

Best Luxury Mattresses of 2022

“Luxury” can be defined as an extraordinary level of indulgence. A luxury mattress brings this level of indulgence into the realm of sleep, but it can come at a cost. To find the best luxury mattresses, the Dream Advisor editorial team analyzed data on more than 650 options and ranked them in terms of their … Read more

MyPillow Mattress Review

Perhaps you’ve come across the MyPillow mattress while looking into budget-friendly bedding, but maybe you’re only familiar with the company’s pillows. While the company is most well known for its pillows, it also sells mattresses, bed frames, pajamas and other sleep and household items. But is MyPillow’s mattress the right one for you? Let’s find … Read more

Serta Mattress Review

If you’ve ever used an uncomfortable mattress, you probably know that sleeping on one can make you feel restless all through the night, limiting how much restorative sleep you get.  Choosing the right mattress might feel overwhelming, considering there are many options on the market, and the standard mattress should support your sleep needs for … Read more

Bear Mattress Review

Bears can sleep for anywhere from four to seven months at a time when they go into hibernation. Meanwhile, some people feel lucky to get six hours of shut-eye every night. If you want to sleep more like a bear—or at least as soundly as one throughout the night—then it might be worth checking out … Read more