Best Mattress For Heavy People

Some mattresses are specifically designed for plus-size sleepers. From construction to firmness level, there are plenty of features to make a mattress more comfortable. Of course, not every mattress is made the same, which is why we rounded up the best mattresses for plus-sized individuals. We looked for mattresses that are supportive, avoid overheating, don’t … Read more

Layla Mattress Review

With a rise in foam mattresses on the market, some people are turning to foam as a replacement for spring-based bedding. Mailed straight to customer doors, the Layla Memory Foam mattress features temperature control technology designed to keep sleepers cool and comfortable while they slumber.  But is this mattress’ foam all that it’s cracked up … Read more

Best Latex Mattresses Of 2022

Mattresses typically last about nine years, according to experts. If it’s time for a bedding upgrade and you’re looking for a mattress that will age well, you might consider a latex mattress.  Latex mattresses tend to outlast other mattresses several years beyond the 9-year mark. Some latex mattresses last up to 15 years, depending on … Read more