When Is The Best Time To Buy A Mattress?

Snoozing on a high-quality mattress promotes sleep quality, especially for those who suffer from back pain. Mattresses, though, should be replaced every six to eight years—or when you notice sagging—per the National Sleep Foundation, and high-quality ones can be expensive.

However, there are certain times of the year that are best to invest in a good mattress, says Martin Lubeck, senior director of integrated marketing at Mattress Firm. “Any time you’re planning a big purchase, timing is an important consideration,” he says. 

The Best Time to Buy a Mattress 

In general, the best time to buy a mattress is over a holiday weekend, according to Lubeck. “These sales typically run from the Friday before the weekend until Monday, giving you four days to shop,” he says. 

If you’re in the market for mattress shopping, try targeting the following holiday weekends, which have historically offered deep discounts on mattresses. 

President’s Day Weekend

Mattress brands tend to run sales over President’s Day weekend, the third Monday in February. Avocado Green Mattress, for example, often holds one of their biggest sales of the year on President’s Day, says Mark Abrials, chief marketing officer and co-founder of the company.

July Fourth Weekend

The Fourth of July weekend is another big sales event for mattress brands, says Abrials. Indeed, mattress retailers ranging from Avocado Green Mattress to Nectar to Casper slashed prices for July 4, 2021. 

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend—which typically occurs in early September—is a great time for mattress deals. Abrials recommends keeping an eye out the week prior to the holiday, as some brands will tease the sale ahead of time. 

Black Friday or Cyber Monday

Some mattress retailers offer deals the Friday and Monday after Thanksgiving, commonly known as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, says Trae Bodge, a smart shopping expert and author of the blog, Truetrae.com. While these dates aren’t known for mattress deals specifically, it’s possible to find great savings during this time, she says. 

For example, during Black Friday 2021, Purple mattress boasted their “best sale ever,” offering up to $600 off a mattress, while Mattress Firm offered up to 50% off select mattresses from top-rated brands. 

However, holiday weekends aren’t the only good time to purchase a new mattress. Other potential saving times include the following:

Amazon Prime Day

Mattress deals are among the many deals offered by a variety of brands on Amazon Prime Day, which serves as an annual deal event for Prime members. Many other brick-and-mortar retailers also slash prices surrounding the online retailers’ big discount shopping days, too, in order to compete. 

Early Spring

Mattresses also tend to go on sale in early spring, when new models start to come in, particularly at brick-and-mortar stores. “Retailers will be looking to clear space for the new merchandise, so they will often discount the models from the previous season,” says Bodge. This can be a great time to score a deal on a floor model mattress, which are mattresses that have been tested in-store by shoppers. 

January White Sales 

January White Sales—sales that occur in January and discount linens, particularly bed and bath products— are another good time to shop for mattresses, according to Bodge. “For decades, shoppers have been enjoying discounts on items like bedding and towels [during these sales], and some mattress retailers may offer companion deals on mattresses at that time,” she adds. 

When You Need One 

If your mattress is compromising your sleep hygiene, you might not want to wait for a big sale to make the investment. “There’s no price you can put on good rest,” says Abrials. If your mattress starts to sag, get lumpy and generally lose shape and functionality, your body might not be getting the support it needs for a thorough night’s sleep. “Given how critical sleep is to our physical and mental health, a mattress that supports quality sleep is one of the best investments you can make,” he adds.

How to Save Money When Buying a Mattress

Even with a discount, a high-quality mattress can still have a hefty price tag. To save money when purchasing your new mattress, try the following strategies:

Research Past Sales

If you have your eye on a particular mattress brand, do a little research on their previous sales. This may help predict exactly when and what you can expect for the upcoming year. 

Use a Browser Extension

Browser extensions such as Cently from CouponFollow.com or Honey—both are real-time coupon code search engines and directories—can help you easily compare prices and save the most on your online mattress purchase, notes Bodge. “Once installed, it will automatically compare prices for you and alert you to available offers as you browse online,” she says. Additionally, these offers can often be combined with a sale that the retailer is currently having.

Find a Floor Model

If you find a model that you like in-store, Bodge suggests asking to purchase the floor model (if it’s in like-new condition). If the retailer is open to the sale, they will likely offer you a discount, she adds. You can also call stores in advance to see if they have a floor model to sell. 

Ask About Promotions

If you are shopping for a mattress in a brick-and-mortar store, be sure and ask if they are running any promotions or plan to in the future. “They may know of a special sale that can be applied to your purchase,” says Bodge.

Set a Deal Alert

If you have a specific mattress in mind, set a deal alert for those items on a website like Slickdeals, which is chock-full of promo codes. “When that item goes on sale, Slickdeals will alert you so you can make your move and save,” adds Bodge. 

Bundle Your Mattress

Many online retailers sell mattresses bundled with pillows, a mattress cover, sheets and more. “Bundles are typically less expensive than buying items individually,” says Bodge. “Bundling is worth doing as long as you need the items included.”