Layla Mattress Review

With a rise in foam mattresses on the market, some people are turning to foam as a replacement for spring-based bedding. Mailed straight to customer doors, the Layla Memory Foam mattress features temperature control technology designed to keep sleepers cool and comfortable while they slumber. 

But is this mattress’ foam all that it’s cracked up to be?

Layla at a Glance

Layla mattresses got its start in the San Francisco bay area in 2016 as a brick-and-mortar mattress shop. The mattresses are made in the U.S.—specifically, its foam layers are produced in Georgia, woven together with cooling technology in North Carolina and assembled in Arizona.

  • Range of firmness options
  • Modern look of the mattress exterior fabric and antimicrobial control layer inside
  • Affordable price, high quality and home delivery
  • Lack of support along the mattress edging
  • Because it’s a foam mattress, it’s not as compatible with just any bed frame

About Layla

Layla mattresses got its start in the San Francisco bay area in 2016 as a brick-and-mortar mattress shop. The mattresses are made in the U.S.—specifically, its foam layers are produced in Georgia, woven together with cooling technology in North Carolina and assembled in Arizona. 

Today, the brand not only sells mattresses, but a range of sleep gear from weighted blankets to bamboo sheets and bed frames. All foams inside Layla mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified, which means they do not have mercury, lead or other harsh chemicals.

Layla Mattress Options and Prices

At the time of publication, Layla is offering its Memory Foam mattress starting at $599 and a hybrid mattress starting at $1,099. 

Layla Memory Foam Mattress

Warranties and Discounts

Layla offers free shipping and returns, along with a 120-night trial. Layla offers a 10-year warranty, promising that Layla brand products will be free from any flaws that could have occurred in assembly or in the creation of the material and workmanship that may negatively impact the owner’s sleep quality.

Customization Options and Special Features

One of the major draws of the Layla Memory Foam Mattress is that it’s flippable. There are two different firmness levels on each side, making the mattress you’re getting feel like two beds in one.

The Layla Memory Foam mattress offers several layers that comprise both the soft and the firm sides of the mattress. On the softer side, the first layer includes a cooling cover in white/gray hexagon patterns. Next, there is a layer of 3 inches of copper-infused memory foam. This copper is meant to draw heat away from the sleeper and provide flexible support for different compression areas along the body. The copper is also meant to eliminate odor created by microbes—this is the antimicrobial layer. After the copper-infused memory foam, there is a 2-inch transition foam layer, offering more cushion and plushness to the soft side. Next, in the middle of the mattress is the bed’s support layer. It’s thicker than the other layers and denser at 4.5 inches. 

If the sleeper wants to use the firmer side of the mattress, they will find that the first layer on this side includes another cooling cover in black/gray hexagon patterns. This layer is followed by a 1-inch copper-infused memory foam layer and the middle layer, providing the support layer. The support layer is followed by all the other layers included on the softer side, only in reverse: the 2-inch transition foam layer, 3 inches of copper-infused memory foam, and finally the cooling cover (from the softer side) in white/gray hexagon patterns. All these layers of copper-infused memory foam offer the mattress internal tech that makes the sleeper feel cooler because the copper draws heat away from the body. 

Layla Hybrid Mattress

Warranties and Discounts

Warranties and discounts on the Layla Hybrid mattress are the same as those for the Memory Foam mattress. 

Customization Options and Special Features

Like the Memory Foam mattress from Layla, the Hybrid mattress is flippable and has two sides, each with a different level of firmness. 

One side has a plush softness that conforms to the sleeper’s body a bit more, while the other side is firmer, offering a firm yet supportive feel akin to more traditional mattresses. What’s special about this mattress is its individually wrapped coils in the middle of the mattress that allow the mattress to adjust to an adjustable base.

Moreover, like the Memory Foam mattress, the Hybrid mattress has several layers. On the softer side, the layers begin with a layer that includes super soft fabric, handles for flipping the mattress if needed and a zipper to help remove the cover for easy cleaning. The second layer includes the copper-gel memory foam. Copper helps carry heat away from the sleeper to prevent overheating. Next is Max Airflow Support Foam made by Layla to have deep channels to help cool the mattress. At the center of the mattress are the individually wrapped coils system that includes 14 gauge center coils and 16 gauge edge coils to add stability to the edging.

If the sleeper wants to use the firmer side, this side begins with a cover that includes a handle for flipping the mattress and a zipper. The next layer is a copper-gel memory foam, then comes a layer of Max Airflow Support Foam and finally the individually wrapped coils system.

What Users Say

From what customers think about the products themselves to feedback on customer service–there’s a range of topics users are talking about. 

  • Hybrid Mattress: Many customers seem to enjoy their hybrid mattress and have no complaints. However, one user describes the soft side of the hybrid mattress as lacking any real back support, comparing the side to a couch cushion that bends to the back of a sleeper and providing no support.   
  • Layla Pillows: While some users enjoyed the free pillows that came with their Layla Hybrid mattress, several readers felt the products weren’t as good as the mattress itself, calling the pillows flat and unable to last longer than six months.
  • Customer Service: Several customers report an above and beyond satisfactory level of customer service, citing the great interactions they have had with Layla’s customer service and communications teams. Many users are calling Layla’s staff “highly responsive and informative.”

Who Should Purchase a Layla Foam Mattress?

Though the Layla Foam mattress offers two sides, it might not be a perfect fit for everyone. Some reviews on Amazon and the Better Business Bureau suggest that the level of softness for the soft side and that on the firm side can be subjective. Some customers are even seeking to add pillow toppers to increase its overall softness, for example. 

However, side and stomach sleepers seem to enjoy the mattress the most, according to reviews, while back sleepers on the heavier side found the mattress challenging. Like all-foam mattresses, the foam hugs the occupant and fits to form a nice cushioning feel. This can lead to an accumulation of body heat with heavier sleepers, even with the copper and cooling tech of the Layla Foam mattress.