Nectar vs. Purple Comparison

A good mattress is the foundation of a healthy night’s sleep. Yet the mattress industry’s overwhelming variety, confusing metrics and high prices mean consumers often settle for less. Nectar and Purple, two direct-to-consumer mattress companies, are part of a growing trend of streamlined mattress line offerings that aim to make choosing the right mattress simple. Here’s how Nectar and Purple mattresses compare.

Nectar vs. Purple

Type of mattressesMemory foam onlyGelFlex grid mattresses (including foam) and spring-grid hybrids
(Least to most expensive)
Nectar, Nectar Premier and Nectar Premier CopperGrid/foam models Purple and Purple Plus, and
three hybrid models Hybrid, Premier 3 and Premier 4
Price range$798-$2,497$699-$5,998
SizesAll models available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King

12- to 14-inch height range
All models available in Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King, and grid/foam models available Twin as well

9.25- to 13-inch height range
Trial and warranty365-night sleep trial and a “Forever Warranty,” which is similar to a lifetime warranty100-day sleep trial and a 10-year limited warranty for all mattresses
Best forFans of traditional memory foam’s “sinking in” feelSleepers open to unique, gel-like feel of grid; kids

About Nectar 

Nectar is one of the newest names to enter the mattress-in-a-box market. The company specializes in memory foam mattresses intended to work well for nearly all types of sleepers. Nectar focuses on a straightforward, all-foam design, eschewing the spring-foam hybrid concept embraced by some competitors. The company relies heavily on direct-to-consumer sales from its website but also offers its products through other retailers like Mattress Firm and Walmart.

In 2018, Nectar Brand LLC settled Federal Trade Commission allegations regarding the claim that its mattresses were assembled in the U.S. when, in fact, the mattresses were wholly made and assembled in China.

Nectar Mattress Options and Prices

What Types of Mattresses Does Nectar Offer?

The company’s flagship Nectar mattress, constructed from three different foam layers, remains its most popular model. The Nectar Premier steps it up by using “phase change” foam for its top layer to improve temperature regulation and by adding an extra inch of dynamically adjusting foam to its middle layer. The Nectar Premier Copper adds another inch of “phase change” foam, uses an extra thick base layer and features heat-conductive copper fibers at the mattress’s surface to further enhance cooling.

What Sizes Does Nectar Offer?

Nectar offers its three models in the six most common bed sizes—twin to California king. The Nectar, its simplest mattress, has a height of 12 inches while the Nectar Premier Copper, its most plush, reaches 14 inches.

What Pricing Does Nectar Offer?

A queen-size Nectar mattress costs $1,298, and you can upgrade to a Nectar Premier mattress for an additional $500. Meanwhile, a queen-size Nectar Premier Copper mattress costs $2,197. All mattresses ship for no additional charge. 

Nectar offers financing through Affirm, with rates as low as $42 per month. The company also offers 0% introductory APR.

Nectar Warranties and Discounts

Nectar’s “Forever Warranty” offers more extensive coverage than the warranty plans of Purple and many other competitors. For the first 10 years you own your Nectar mattress, the company will replace it should it be defective, and after the initial decade of coverage, the company will “recover, repair or replace” your mattress depending on the issue. 

Nectar also offers a 365-day sleep trial, which it claims is the longest risk-free trial in the industry. 

What Users Say About Nectar 

Better Business Bureau (BBB) reviews of Nectar are overwhelmingly negative, with consistent criticism about customer service experiences, the handling of shipping delays and attempted returns, mattresses being softer or less comfortable than anticipated and poor durability of the Nectar Mattress Foundation accessory product. At the time of publication, Nectar accrued an average rating of 1.17 out of 5 stars from the BBB’s 257 customer reviews, which is much lower than Purple’s average rating of 4.08 out of 5 stars based on 326 reviews. The company also has a higher volume of closed complaints reported to the BBB than Purple and many other competitors.

Customer Reviews

One BBB reviewer wrote: “It’s been over a month from purchase date and no shipment… they should be able to give more info and there should definitely be more transparency about the original shipping estimate since this is clearly a problem customers have been facing for quite a while now… All the senior customer advocate did was offer me free stuff and said they’d have more information in a week. They never responded with more info after a week and a half. I canceled my order.”

Meanwhile, another reviewer expressed frustration with the feel of the Nectar mattress they ordered. “They offer a product that you aren’t able to try out for yourself [before purchase] and make you wait 30 sleepless nights until you can return it,” they wrote. “Customer service is frustrating, and I just want my money back and a good night’s sleep on the free mattress that came with my condo I shouldn’t have given away.”

However, some reviewers did leave positive notes on the BBB website. One wrote: “I was very skeptical at first about purchasing the Nectar memory foam mattress. I have ruptured discs in my neck and lower back. However, I am extremely pleased with the purchase and happy to report my experience. This mattress far exceeded my expectations. It has helped me get the best night sleep ever. I do not toss and turn at all. I don’t wake up with numbness and tingling in [my] arms and legs. It took a few nights to get used to it but, so glad that I went with this mattress.”

About Purple 

Purple is another relatively new bed-in-a-box brand known for a distinctive grid construction in its mattresses. The proprietary, purple-hued GelFlex material has become the company’s iconic technology. Like Nectar, Purple designs its mattresses to work well for all types of sleepers, including side and stomach sleepers who want softness without sacrificing support. Purple’s hybrid mattresses are ideal for sleepers who benefit from the familiar feel and bounce of traditional innerspring mattresses but want something more form-fitting, according to the company. While Purple is known for online sales, it’s increasingly using brick-and-mortar retailers like Mattress Firm and Macy’s to reach customers as well.

Purple Mattress Options and Prices

What Types of Mattresses Does Purple Offer? 

Purple offers two models, both of which rely solely on GelFlex grid and foam materials (comparable to all-foam mattresses): the Purple Mattress and the slightly more plush Purple Plus. The Purple Hybrid incorporates stainless steel support coils, and the premium Hybrid Premier 3 and 4 mattresses are Purple’s softest, most luxurious and most expensive offerings. Purple also offers a kid-specific mattress in a twin size designed for lighter-weight sleepers.  

What Sizes Does Purple Offer?

The Purple and Purple Plus mattresses come in seven sizes, from twin to split California king. Purple’s three hybrid models include all sizes up to split California king except twin. 

What Pricing Does Purple Offer?

A queen size of the Purple Mattress, Purple’s standard grid/foam mattress, costs $1,299, and the queen-size Purple Hybrid Mattress costs $2,099. Its most premium option—the Purple Hybrid Premier 4—costs $3,499 for a queen. All mattresses ship for free. 

Purple offers financing with a 0% introductory APR for qualified customers. Purple allows customers to choose between Affirm and Splitit financing options, with payment plans up to 48 months.

Purple Warranties and Discounts

Purple offers a 10-year limited warranty on all its mattresses, as well as a risk-free 100-night sleep trial. 

What Users Say About Purple 

BBB reviews of Purple are largely positive, with consistent praise for customer service experiences and mattress comfort—especially among users who cited sleep issues from injuries. Complaints often focused on shipping delays, a chemical odor lingering on mattresses and, similar to Nectar, poor durability of one of its accompanying bed frame products. At the time of publication, Purple accrued an average rating of 4.08 out of 5 stars from 326 customer reviews posted on the BBB website—much higher than Nectar’s average rating of 1.17 out of 5 stars based on 257 reviews.

Customer Reviews

One BBB review reads: “I have received absolute excellence in customer support, customer service and the products that I have ordered exceed expectations on comfort and longevity. I am an Army veteran [and] have had quite a few injuries… and their products are perfect for me. I highly endorse Purple and their team… they are ethical, responsive and their products are truly amazing!”  

Another customer wrote: “I have a Purple mattress, pillow and sheets. All I can say is their quality is perfection and the customer service is unmatched. Almost a year into my sheets, the little elastic inside snapped. I believe it may have been caused by my laundry machine, but I reached out to Purple to see if they could do anything. Sure enough, after sending them a photo for proof, they sent out an entire new set. They were quick to assist with my problem and I think that’s really important.” 

However, another customer detailed their struggle with a persistent chemical smell emanating from their new Purple mattress. “When [my mattress] was first unwrapped and fluffed up, I got a huge lungful of plastic chemical smell,” they wrote. “I assumed, of course, that this was just from shipping. Forty-eight hours later, I have a sore throat [and] headache, and I can’t get the taste of chemicals out of my mouth. We’ve opened all the windows, bounced on [the mattress] and tried to get as much of the smell out as possible. I’m hoping and praying this goes away soon. I can’t live comfortably in my own house right now.”

Nectar vs. Purple: Which One Is Right for You?

Both Nectar and Purple provide mattress products using online direct-to-consumer models and in-store sales, but differences in product lines and stark contrasts in customer reviews may cause consumers to lean one way or another. Nectar features memory foam mattresses and offers only three models, but it has faced harsh criticism in reviews posted to the BBB website. Purple sells both GelFlex grid mattresses, which include foam, and spring-grid hybrid mattresses in five models, and it has received better reviews on the BBB website. Nectar’s sleep trial and warranty periods are longer than those of Nectar, but both companies offer mattresses in all standard sizes.