Sleep Science Mattress Review

Not all memory foam mattresses are created equal—and Sleep Science does a great job proving that. Each mattress in its lineup has its own unique firmness level and features, so you can find the ideal option for your sleep style and preferences.

Here’s everything you need to know about Sleep Science and its mattresses.

Sleep Science at a Glance

For 29 years, Sleep Science has offered a line of memory foam mattresses with multiple firmness options to accommodate a variety of sleepers. Some of their mattresses are infused with unique materials like gel, bamboo, charcoal and copper to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night. In addition to mattresses, Sleep Science sells adjustable bases, bedding and parts.

Sleep Science at a Glance

Sleep Science is a mattress brand manufactured by South Bay International, a California-based company that’s been around since 1993. All of the brand’s mattresses are made with memory foam and can be found on and

  • Five memory foam mattresses
  • 120-day free trial
  • Some options feature unique materials like bamboo charcoal and copper
  • No special discounts or promotions
  • Only memory foam mattresses
  • Many previous mattress models have been discontinued

About Sleep Science

Sleep Science is a mattress brand manufactured by South Bay International, a California-based company that’s been around since 1993. All of the brand’s mattresses are made with memory foam and can be found on and

All Sleep Science mattresses are designed to provide you a “healthier, restful sleep” according to the company, and come with a 120-night trial and 10-year warranty. The company also prides itself on free returns and free shipping. 

Sleep Science Mattress Options and Prices

Sleep Science offers five mattress models to choose from, including the 12” Luxe Gel Soft Memory Foam, 12” iFlip Sonoma 2-Sided Memory Foam, 13” Bamboo Cool Memory Foam, 13” iFlip Napa 2-Sided Memory Foam and 14” Copper Memory Foam.

Sleep Science 12″ Gel Luxe Soft Memory Foam Mattress

With the soft, supportive Gel Luxe, you’ll feel like you’re being contoured by a cloud, according to the company. If you’re a back or side sleeper in search of pressure point relief, this seven-layer mattress with cool gel memory foam should definitely be on your radar. The Gel Luxe is available in the following sizes: Twin XL, queen, king and California king, with a queen starting at $799. 

Sleep Science 12″ iFlip Sonoma 2-Sided Memory Foam

At $839.99 for a queen, the 12” iFlip Sonoma features two sleeping surfaces to meet your ever-evolving sleeping preferences. One side is medium-soft that will cradle your body, while the other is medium-firm and ideal if you’re facing sore or achy muscles. You can purchase this mattress as a queen, king, California king or California king split mattress. There are also queen, king split and California king split mattresses and adjustable base sets available.

Sleep Science 13″ Bamboo Cool Memory Foam

Specifically designed to diffuse heat away from the body, the top memory foam layer on the Bamboo Cool is made of cooling bamboo charcoal. At $779.98 for a queen, it can provide pressure relief that you may not be able to get with other firm mattresses. The 13” Bamboo Cool Memory Foam is available in a California king and California king split, as well as queen, king split and California king split and adjustable base sets.

Sleep Science 13″ iFlip Napa 2-Sided Memory Foam

With the iFlip Napa, you can change the comfort layer of your mattress simply by flipping it over. When the light stripe faces up, you’ll get medium-soft support. The dark stripe side offers a medium-firm feel. The 13” iFlip Napa is available in a California king for $639, plus California king split, split king and queen mattress and adjustable base sets.

Sleep Science 14″ Copper Memory Foam

The Sleep Science 14″ Copper Memory is a firm mattress with a top layer of copper-infused foam. At $899.99 for a queen, you may want to consider it if you’re looking for a comfortable, temperature-neutral sleeping surface and substantial pressure relief. The 14” Copper Memory Foam is available in a queen, king, California king, with queen, split king and California king split mattress and adjustable base sets available.

Customization Options and Special Features

You can select a Sleep Science mattress as a standalone product or add on an adjustable base to purchase as a set. Each base comes with a wireless remote and pillow-tilt features that allow you to prop your head up so you can read or watch TV without straining your neck.

Apps and Accessories

While mattresses are Sleep Science’s bread and butter, the company does offer other products. Its bedding selection includes memory foam-ventilated pillows infused with copper or cooling gel as well as mattress and pillow protectors. In addition, you may purchase parts like wireless remotes for a base as well as headboard and footboard brackets.

Three different adjustable bases are also available for purchase: The Q-Series, Q-Series Pro and Q-Series Plus.

Warranties and Discounts

All Sleep Science mattresses are backed by a 10-year limited warranty. The warranty covers any flaws that lead to an indent of more than 3/4 of an inch and those that lead to splits or cracks in the material. You can also lock in a 20-year adjustable base limited warranty if you pair your mattress with an adjustable base. 

What Users Say

There are plenty of Sleep Science reviews on Many reviewers praise Sleep Science mattresses for their comfort and ability to relieve back and shoulder pain. The dissatisfied customers, however, complain about the initial smell of the mattresses.

“I love this mattress! It has reduced my lower back pain by about 80% when I wake up. Aired it out for a week and eventually, the funny smell went away. I used scented candles to help with the smell until it dissipated. I have finally found the FIRM but comfortable mattress I have been looking for. It is the closest thing I have seen to a Japanese mattress and I just love it,” writes one reviewer on 

Meanwhile, another on Costco’s site reads, “it’s a great mattress with the exception of the smell when you first get it. It’s been over a month now and it still smells a bit, though it’s getting better. It’s our second one of these so we obviously love the comfort but could do without the overwhelming smell of chemicals.” 

Yet another reviewer on the site highlights the product’s smell, claiming, “the mattress itself is comfortable, but it has been over 2 weeks and it still smells! I aired it out for 5 days, put an air purifier in the room for 8 hours, sprayed it with Lysol and now plan on doing it all over again. I want to keep the mattress but I hate the smell! If I can’t get rid of the smell. It will be going back!” 

Who Should Purchase a Sleep Science Mattress?

If you’re in search of a memory foam mattress at an affordable price point, Sleep Science is worth exploring. This is particularly true if you’d like to wake up cool and refreshed rather than overheated, as all Sleep Science mattresses feature an air channel base that promotes airflow and dissipates heat.